Reflection on work immersion pdf

The knowledge i have gained about the activity theory successful aging and. Taking this gerontology class has taught me different techniques to consider when dealing with aging. Example of reflection paper about work immersion. Participant observation as a data collection method.

Drawing from research and theory on dual process models we develop and test a reflection strategy to stimulate deeper learning after feedback. What i have learned about the aging process the aging process is something that everyone will face with multiple factors influencing the progression. So if you havent played the game get it its freemake a pot of coffee set aside four hours play it and then come back here and read this. In optics the law is used in ray tracing to compute the angles of incidence or.

As maya angelou said when words are infused by the human voice they come alive i recommend incorporating audio and video into portfolios both as rich artifacts and to facilitate reflection through digital storytelling and student love it. Pontifical council for culture pontifical council for interreligious dialogue.

Do your e portfolios have voice. When we say that jesus is the eternally begotten son of the father we mean that jesus is the only example of a person who.

William winn human interface technology laboratory. A conceptual basis for educational applications of virtual reality. Observation particularly participant observation has been used in a variety of disciplines as a tool for collecting data about people processes and cultures in qualitative researchthis paper provides a look at various definitions of participant observation the.

This article spoils doki doki literature club in the first sentence it presupposes youve played it and goes on to spoil the narrative tricks the game uses to make its story meaningful. Click here to return to the education publication page. An unanswered question in employee development is how reflection can be used for improving performance in organizations.

What i have learned about the aging process. Snells law also known as snelldescartes law and the law of refraction is a formula used to describe the relationship between the angles of incidence and refraction when referring to light or other waves passing through a boundary between two different isotropic media such as water glass or air. Research Paper Conclusion Paragraph Example. Related posts: Cute Letter Writing Paper.Work immersion sounds stressful for senior high-school students.

Yet, as part of the K to 12 curriculum, we science, technology, engineering and mathematics Stem students were required to gain relevant learning experiences through actual work.

We were assigned to specific partner institution, business organization or establishment parallel to our specializations in order to help us reinforce our knowledge from classrooms and enhance our skills. As we commence the work immersion on February 6, little did we know that an exciting adventure was about to begin.

A journey that would make us realize that science is not a mere concept taught inside a classroom and make us gaze in amazement how these scientific concepts are applied in the world. Initially, we were oriented with the nature and mandate of the institution, as well as the staff who would function as our advisers and supervisors as we initiated our training.

Furthermore, our work environment had become comfortable with the friendly, approachable and cheerful nature of the staff which was essential for us to effectively absorb all the knowledge and acquaint ourselves with the work of DOST personnel.

The project is undertaken in cooperation with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute; the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration; and the DOST regional offices, and its role in mitigating the impacts of disasters in the province. We visited the different installation of hydro-meteorological devices, such as the automated rain gauge ARG in Barangay Talustusan, Naval, Biliran. ARG is an instrument used by meteorologists to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period of time.

The instrument is essential in monitoring the rate of change of water level of the river where it is installed. It issues a particular warning level to alert all nearby areas in cases of an impending flood. The primary raw material of making this coconut sugar is the collected coconut sap, which is heated and stirred continuously until it solidifies and powdered. This is considered a healthy sugar because it has low glycemic index and is preferable for persons with diabetes. We were assigned to interview the supervisor of the business and gather the information to accomplish the specific task assigned to us: to contribute in formulating a Setup project proposal.

We have found out that the area designated for the installation of the fish dryer that is part of the facility to be established must be cleared as soon as possible because the project is among those YRRP projects scheduled for assessment by the National Economic Development Authority regional inspection group.

We have learned how technological and scientific concepts are applied in the real world—all for the convenience of humankind. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in.

Work Immersion Presentation

Log into your account. Forgot your password? Cookie Policy. Password recovery.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Don't use plagiarized sources. They were really hospitable. Immersion Reflection. Accessed April 10, This is just a sample.

reflection on work immersion pdf

You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Many of the great philosophers have attempted to answer the question: What makes people happy? World religions, such as Christianity, have attempted to explain what makes people happy and how to live a happy life through faith, the belief in God, by reading scripture, by living life according to the moral code, and by the Happiness is described as a positive feeling that ranges from Joy to contentment.

Everybody would like to be happy.

Student’s work immersion: A journey through S&T

It is believed that people who are happy are more successful, productive, have better relationships and better health. We would like to maintain these feelings when we have them. The relationship between money and happiness is strange, because as human beings our happiness does not necessarily depend directly on money. Human beings depend on primarily water, food and oxygen, as well as other psychological factors which affect our mental state.

Money is certainly not one of the primary factors which affect human life, and Happiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, day-night are the 2 sides of the me.

Similarly life has plenty of minutes of delight, satisfaction, success and convenience apointed by misery, defeat, failures and problems. There is no human being on Earth, strong, effective, smart or rich, who has not knowledgeable suffering or failure. Life is stunning but not What kinds of things make me happy? I could probably write a book about this topic once I sit down and begin thinking about it.

Happiness means something different to each individual. Home Free Essays Immersion Reflection. Check Writers' Offers. What's Your Topic? Hire a Professional Writer Now. The input space is limited by symbols. What's Your Deadline? How Many Pages? Sign Up and Get Writers' Offers. Please enter valid email. Back Get Offer. Write my paper.As a requirement for graduation in Senior High School particularly in grade 12, we have to have a complete hour work immersion OJT in college on the company or working establishments we are assigned in.

My school is the one who chose working establishments through a letter and some processes. January 8, marks the first day of our work immersion. Our schedule was am to pm so I have to wake up at am and leave our house at am. On the first day, we are oriented about the rules and regulation inside and as I tell you, IWS is very strict when it comes to rules.

They handed me a book of important files and documents which all have the processes of importation and exportation in air shipment and sea shipment and local sales, indirect export and items for repair, return and rejects. To be honest, I do not clearly understand them all because it was too hard for me to remember it as a student. They were also able to taught me about the imported products and check if there are any damages and do the investigation after.

On my last week, I was taught about the process of exportation in sea shipment and I was also taught to allot hour extra time for delivery in case ther are emergency so that the products can be exported in time. They taught me about the processes of import and export. They let me realize that maturity or being matured is needed in workplace and in other area because you are not working alone, you are dealing and communicating with other people with respect.

reflection on work immersion pdf

Lastly and most especially, they taught me to value TIME since it was a Japanese company and Filipino time is not applicable; they let me realize and value every seconds, every minute and every hour of the time. So I was honored to be a part of this company even just for 10 days. IWSPC do not deserve any misunderstandings of people who read my blog. I signed a confidentiality agreement so my blog was too general and it will stay confidential. I do not have the authority to set in detailed every processes of it so thank you for understanding.

God bless!! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.Wow, what can I say about Immersion? First of all, you have to be there to really understand what a profound experience it is.

My in-laws were visiting when I got back from Immersion and I found it very difficult to explain the experience. What I told them is that it was an intensive program like a retreat focused on building an information literacy program well, it is in the program track, though the teacher track is more focused on developing an approach to teaching.

But it was so much more than that. It was about developing the persuasive skills to realize our goals. It was like a vision quest minus the peyote. Immersion was exhausting. My cohort leader the fabulous Tiffini Travis gave me the idea to break the students into groups and have each group find out about certain parts of the library and then share that information with the entire class.

While I loved the scavenger hunts we did for the past two yearsthey were a ton of work and stress for me and I always felt burnt out just as the fall semester was starting.

This idea was embraced by all of my colleagues. Hot damn! Immersion was also about breaking down one of our biggest barriers: ourselves. Never underestimate the power of denial and procrastination! It was about Dorothy, the first instruction coordinator at her institution, and the missteps she made in her first few years on the job.

And then I realized why. I was Dorothy! Those realizations really informed my action plan and will inform all of my work this year as instruction coordinator. Another epiphany came when we took a survey to determine where we fell in our leadership orientation structural, political, human resources or symbolic. So these were the areas that I ended up focusing on in my action plan, which was the final project we did in the program track of Immersion.

I wanted to develop a library staff development program centered around instruction.Application Letter Work Immersion. Application Letter For Ojt. Immersion Job Application Letters Examples. Work Immersion Cg. Physical Education Cover Letter Example. Work Immersion Portfolio Docx. Sample Student Video Resume Script. Resume For Ojt. Student Portfolio Civil Engineering Studocu. Ojt Application Sample.

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reflection on work immersion pdf

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Work Immersion Reflection

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reflection on work immersion pdf

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Immersion Reflection Essay

John Randolf Cabrera. Charles Aloba Dalogdog. Jovito Digman Jimenez. Janus Salinas. Ferjan De Guzman. Romelo Muldez. Pik Pok. Micol Fresnido Caneba.


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